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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Low sunspot activity doesn't necessarily imply that higher frequencies become irrelevant over darkness or partial-darkness paths!
This summary of notable frequency occupancies was made on Dec 12, 2017, in the Melbourne pre-dawn window across the time span 1630 to 1730.
11625 MADAGASCAR VR-Talata English'
11660 SWAZILAND TWR-Manzini African langs
11670 PHILS VOA-Tinang Tibetan
11680 N. KOREA KCBS Korean
11710 INDIA Persian
11745 S. ARABIA Al-Azmr, Arabic
11790 GERMANY BVB-Nauen Amharic
11800 KUWAIT RFA Uyghur
11815 TURKEY English
11850 S. AFRICA VOA-Meyerton English
11860 S. ARABIA R. Sanaa relay Arabic
11935 VATICAN VR-SMG Arabic
12025 INDIA Hindi
12050* ASCENSION Dandal Kura Radio. Kanuri
12095 S. AFRICA BBC-Meyerton English
12125 ARMENIA IBRA-Yerevan, Amharic
12140 KUWAIT VOA (Ashna R.) Pashto
15225 S, ARABIA Arabic
13580 BOTSWANA VOA Somali
13605 INDIA Hindi
13590 GERMANY VOA (Deewa R.) Lampertheim Pashto
13640 INDIA Persian
13710 S. ARABIA Arabic
13820 USA R.  Marti Greenville Spanish
13845 USA WWCR English
15140 OMAN R. Oman English
15420 MADAGASCAR BBC-Talata, Kurundi
15435 S. ARABIA Arabic
15610 USA WEWN English
11720 MADAGASCAR VR-Talata Swahili
11760 GERMANY VOA-Lampertheim Kurdish
11930 USA R. Marti, Greenville Spanish
11985 SRI LANKA AWR-Trincomlee Amharic
15235 S. AFRICA Channel Africa, Meyerton, English
15400 ASCENSION BBC English
15460 SAO TOME VOA Shona
Kanuri is a dialect continuum spoken by some four million people, as of 1987, in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, as well as small minorities in southern Libya and by a diaspora in Sudan. It belongs to the Western Saharan subphylum of Nilo-Saharan. Kanuri is the language associated with the Kanem and Bornu empires which dominated the Lake Chad region for a thousand years.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Al-Azm Radio is a Saudi Broadcasting Corporation service for troops in the southern part of the Kingdom. Uses 11745, as well as MW and FM., Operating schedule is reported to be 0700 to 2000
Solar activity has dropped to very low levels – Daily Equivalent Sunspot Number down to 2, Solar Flux fallen to 68.
This summary of notable frequency occupancies was made here in Melbourne on December 6, 2017
1800 to 1830
7375 FRANCE RTA-Issoudun Arabic
7375 ROMANIA RRI Romanian (co-channel France)
7395 CHINA CRI-Kashi German
7425 IRAN German to 1920*
7285 CHINA CRI-Xian Chaozhou
7320 ARMENIA R. Denge Kurdistane, Yerevan, Kurdish
7465 SINGAPORE BBC-Kranji Pashto
9765 GERMAN NHK-Nauen Japanese
9785 FRANCE DW-Issoudin Hausa
11745 S. ARABIA Al-Azm Radio, Arabic
12040 THAILAND VOA-Udon Amharic

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


This summary of selected frequency occupancies was made here in Melbourne on November 29, 2017, across the time span 1730 to 1800.
11750 SRI LANKA SLBC-Trincomalee Sinhala
11760 GERMANY VOA-Biblis Kurdish
11860 S. ARABIA R. Sanaa via Riyadh relay, Arabic
12025 INDIA Malayalam
12095 UAE BBC-Dhabbaya Arabic
12140 KUWAIT VOA Amharic
13640 INDIA Arabic
13710 S. ARABIA Arabic

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Notable frequency occupancies from Melbourne on November 26, 2017, across the time span 1800 to 1900.
9450 CHINA CRI-Kashi Hausa
9485 ENGLAND VOA-Woofferton Amharic
9650 ENGLAND Darfur via Woofferton Sudanese
9715 AUSTRIA BVB-Moosbrunn English
9820 ENGLAND VOA (Deewa R.) Woofferton Pashto
5845 ARMENIA R. Mi Amigo International, via Yerevan, English.
5910 OMAN BBC Pashto
5945 TURKEY German
6030 GERMANY BVB-Nauen English
7120 SOMALIA R. Hargeysa, Somali,
7220 ENGLAND Follow Bible Ministry, Woofferton, Arabic
7465 SINGAPORE BBC-Kranji Pashto

Saturday, November 25, 2017

MONITORING RESEARCH - Many Central Asian transmitters audible

Solar activity remains very low – ESSN 9, Flux 73.
This is a summary of notable spectrum occupancy on 49 metres between 1630 and 1700 on November 24, 2017, from Melbourne.
5845 SINGAPORE BBC-Kranji Bengali
5885 MARIANAS RFA-Tinian Korean
5895 TAJIKISTAN BBC-Dushanbe Korean
5905 CHINA CRI-Kashi Russian
5925 CHINA CNR5 Chinese
5935 CHINA Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Chinese
5965 CHINA Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Chinese
6010 CHINA CRI-Beijing Vietnamese
6025 CHINA Xizang PBS, Lhasa, English
6040 CHINA CRI-Urumqi Russian
6060 CHINA CRI-Kunming English
6080 SAO TOME VOA English
6110 ETHIOPIA R. Fana, Oromo
6120 MARIANAS RFA-Tinian Chinese
6140 CHINA CRI-Kashi English
6155 TAIWAN Furuzato no Kaze, Korean


Solar activity remains very low – Flux 73, ESSN 9.
Notable frequency occupancies here in Melbourne on November 24, 2017, included:
5905 FRANCE RTA-Issoudun Arabic
6135 IRAN French
7205 GERMANY AWR-Nauen, Tachelhit from *1930
7295 CHINA CRI-Kashi English
7375 ROMANIA RRI Romanian
7375 FRANCE RTA-Issoudun Arabic (cochannel Romania)
7415 CHINA CRI-Urumqi Czech

Note: Tachelhit (Shilha, Soussiya, Southern Shilha, Susiya, Tachilhit, Tashelheyt, Tashelhit, Tashilheet, Tashlhiyt, Tasoussit) belongs to the Northern Berber group of the Afro-Asiatic language family. Tachelhit is the Berber name of the language, while Shilha is the general Arabic term for Moroccan Berber languages. One of the most widely spoken Berber languages, Tachelhit is spoken by 3.9 million people in primarily in Morocco, but also in Algeria and France (Ethnologue)